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Vacuum Bags

Our Vacuum Bags works with all vacuum sealer machines – Universal bag design to work with all food vacuum heat sealer machines. Easy to use, no rolls to cut. A money & food saver. Pre-made bags cost less, inch-per-inch, than rolls AND take less time to use!! Eliminates freezer burn and dehydration. Embossed air-removal channels increase suction for maximum freshness.

Convenient and Reusable

Stand-up Ziplock Bag comes with rectangle window design, you can use it to display your product at stores and market stalls.
Also you can use it to pack the cookie (candy, coco beans, nut -fruit, seasonings, grain, jerky, confections, toffee, chocolate, herbs, dried herbal tea, etc) as a homemade gift for your friends and family.
This Ziplock Bag is very convenient and easy for you to tear the pouch through notch design.

Leak proof effectively

With its high quality and unique design, the Kraft Paper Bags are durable, beautiful and easy to use.
The pouches maintain dryness with its excellent air-tightness and ensures the food free of bacterium, moisture and oxygen.

Available in the following sizes:

10 x 15 cm- 50 gm
2 x 20 cm- 100 gm
14 x 20 cm- 250 gm
18 x 26 cm- 500 gm
18 x 30 cm- 750 gm
20 x 30 cm- 1 kg

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