Packaging Machinery
Paste Piston Filler

Paste Piston Filler

Model: PPF-50/250/500/1000/2000/5000

Piston filling machines allow for an accurate volumetric fill thanks to the way in which the fill is completed. Piston fillers also allow a packager the versatility to handle products both thick and thin

● It is belonged to semi-automatic piston type filling machine for viscosity.

● Filling quantity and speed can be adjusted.

● Easy to operate, with high accuracy,simple to maintain and clean.

● Pneumatic parts: normally adopt Airtac Brand.

● Can set manual or automatic mode.

● With good structure, reliable and convenient adjustment.

● Material contact part with SUS304.


It is mainly used from aquiform to viscosity products, such as water,juice,pesticide, medicine, toothpaste, foods(sesame paste, sweet paste, tomato sauce, cream), chemical glass adhesive, lubricant and special industrial paste.

Paste Piston Filler - parameters
Paste Piston Filler - product applications
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