Max Enterprises - Paper Tube-Top

Paper Tube

We supply premium quality Paper Tubes, manufactured from quality materials that offer strength and durability to them. Our Paper Tubes offer durability, high compressive strength, resistance to moisture along with accurate dimensions. We use special adhesives and paper for superior quality and high bonding.


  • Thickness from 2 mm to 16 mm

  • Length from 50 mm to 5 mt

  • Inner Diameter from 30mm to 400mm

  • Tubes for winding Self Adhesive Tapes & Films
  • Tubes for winding Labels, Stickers
  • Tubes for packing Polymer Insulators
  • Tubes for packing LED Tube Lights
  • Tubes for winding purpose in Textile Industries
  • Tubes for winding purpose in Paper & Board Industries


Max Enterprises - Paper Tubes Below
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