Packaging Machinery
Metal Locking Capping Machine

Metal Locking Capping Machine

Model: DK-50D

Metal Locking & Capping Machine is a Roll Over Pilfer Proof capper designed to thread and seal aluminum caps onto rigid containers. The ROPP capping heads can be adjusted for an assortment of container shapes, diameters, and heights. Designer beverages or champagne bottles are good examples of containers with ROPP closures.
This machine is widely used for Liquor, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Food, Agrochemicals, Edible oil, Lube oil and misc. industries.

DK-50D is applied to seal, thread metal burglar-proof caps, zip-top caps, aluminum sealed caps and nozzle caps which is suitable for a variety of metal caps, metal theft proof lock screw, sealing work.

DK-50D is mainly used for a variety of metals caps, screw caps aluminum easy-open lid lock screw,sealing,capping work ,the machine is suitable for metal theft proof lock screws capping.

Power supply (V/Hz)
220 /50
Power (kw)
Operation Type
Cap Diameter (mm)
Applicable bottle height (mm)
Capacity (bottles/h)
Type of cap
Metal cap
External Dimensions (mm)
Net Weight (kg)
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