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Household Vacuum Sealer

Household Vacuum Sealer

Model: DZ 290A

“Maxco” Household Vacuum Sealer as a food saver with powerful vacuum sealing system, perfect work with Dry and Moist food, can keep your favorite food fresh up to 5 times longer than traditional storage methods.

Solve the problem of food spoilage form multi aspect, to prolong the shelf life, fresh and healthy.

● Intelligent PC touch buttons enhances the operation experience.
● Rapid and single sealing function without any breakdown,can seal the bag for a long time and avoid air leakage, for more widely use.
● Three modes of air pressure – strong, middle and weak, vacuum degree is controlled at any time.
● One-click intelligent vacuum, dry, wet, soft can be controlled.
● Freely control the length of vacuum bag with built-in roll film.
● Applied to universal worldwide voltage from 110V to 240V .

Household Vacuum Sealer- parameters
Household Vacuum Sealer- - machine sectional photo
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