Packaging Machinery
FFS Grain Packing Machine-Cup Type

FFS Grain Packing Machine-Cup Type

Model: DXDK-1000II

FFS Automatic Packing Machine offers complete automation, from forming a bag from the roll stock to filling the product from a dispenser to securing sealing the bag. These machines are highly reliable and can be used with powders, coffee, cereals, candies, and many other products. They can also be used with volumetric dispensers, auger fillers and weighers. There are models that are designed for non-free flowing dry powders, and the machines include hot stamping coders for identification.

● This machine can finish these works automatically: measuring-making bag-coding (option)-filling-gas injection (option)-sealing-counting. ● Microcomputer control system, photoelectric tracking, which improves the control precision, reliability and intelligence at the maximum limit. ● Has fault display system, easy to operate and maintain. ● Makes punching blade after customer’s special requests. Application: Highly suitable for packing viscous and semi viscous fluids such hair oil, shampoo, cream, ketch up, coconut oil, edible oil etc.
Voltage (V/Hz)
AC 220/50 110/60
Power (W)
Packing Capacity (ml)
Capacity (bags/min)
Length of Bag (mm)
Width of Bag (mm)
External Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm)
Net Weight (kg)
FFS Grain Packing Machine-Cup Type packed sample
FFS Grain Packing Machine-Cup Type product applications
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