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Direct Heat Sealer

Direct Heat Sealer

Direct Heat Sealers work well on many plastic materials such as coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, Cellophane, Polypropylene, Poly-nylon and other thicker materials. It does not work with Polyethylene. The thermostat will accurately control the temperatures from 30°F to 550°F. Machines can seal material up to a total thickness of 20mil because it has upper and bottom heat elements to seal from both sides.

Direct heat sealer adopts constant temperature control system. The temperature is electronically controlled and is easy to be adjusted. Application: Direct heat sealer is suit-able for sealing cellophane, aluminiun foil, copper foil, tin foil and polystyrene compound bags.
Direct Heat Sealer - parameters
Direct Heat Sealer - machine sectional photo
Direct Heat Sealer - packed sample
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