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Continuous Band Sealer- With Stand

Continuous Band Sealer-with Gas Flushing

Model: FRMQ-980III

The Continuous Band Sealer with Gas Flush is an ideal machine for any small to medium producer to continuously gas flush and seal pouches and packs with ease without the need to open and close the machine with each cycle.
The nitrogen flush forces oxygen out of the bag for prolonged shelf-life and also creates a cushion for the product.

FRMQ-980III industrial grade band sealers are ideal for sealing thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, laminates) of any size and length. It allows Preferred Pack sealers to be used in a wide range of applications and industries. Gas Blower used to wind blowing into the plastic packaging, so food is not easily destroyed as packing a snack.

● Can choose stainless steel construction or Paint construction
● Adjustable speed conveyor to accommodate materials varying in thickness
● Digital temperature control (0-572 deg F) (0-300 deg C)
● Sealing speed of up to 472inches per minute (depending on the operator, ~20-26bags/minute)
● Maximum seal width – 10mm
● Each band sealer comes with a tool box containing easy worn spare parts.
● Easy to operate. Turn on the power and heat switch of your band sealer. When the preset temperature has been reached, place the bag in the positioning plate. The sealing band carries the bag forward and seals the bag instantly. No pushing or pulling is required.

Voltage (V/Hz)
AC 220/50 110/60
Suction Pump Power(W)
Moter Power (W)
Sealing Power (W)
Printing Heating Power (W)
Speed (m/min)
0-12 (0-16)
Sealing Width (mm)
Temperature Range (℃)
Printing Type
Solid-Ink Roller
Distance from Sealing Center to Conveyor Table (mm)
Conveyor Table Size (L × W) (mm)
Max. Conveyor Loading for Single Package (kg)
Overall Conveyor Loading (kg)
External Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)
Net Weight (kg)
Continuous Band Sealer-with Gas Flushing​- machine sectional photo
Continuous Band Sealer-with Gas Flushing​- packaging photo
Continuous Band Sealer-with Gas Flushing​- product applications photo
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