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Carton Sealer

Carton Sealer

Model: FXJ-6050

Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers are designed for low-volume, low-speed industrial operations. After folding the flaps, the box is pushed into the sealer for neat, uniform sealing that will give your company’s boxes a professional appearance. A box sealer eliminates tape waste, reduces employee fatigue, and speeds up the process of taping.

FXJ-6050 is operator fed and designed for heavy duty applications.These machines are reliable, cost-effective and durable providing savings to your production process.More importantly, these machines provide a professional looking seal. The FXJ-6050 Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealer with Easy Manual Carton Size Adjustment has a 4-belt design (2 top and 2 bottom).The machine comes complete with infeed/exit conveyors, casters, power cord, and plug.

The operator simply folds the top flats of the corrugated carton and feeds it into the machine. The FXJ-6050 can be easily adjusted in only seconds to process a different size carton.

● Adjustable height of table

● Heavy duty frame

● Manually adjust height and width of machine for each box size

● Excellent for taller boxes.

● Suitable for taller cartons

● Up and down driving

● Operator feeds and folds flaps into machine

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