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Plastic Locking Capping Machine

Plastic Locking Capping Machine

Model: DK-50Z

This machine automatically tightens screw and lug type closures that have been placed on containers. The pneumatic clutch ensures an accurate and specific torque each and every time. Perfect for nearly every production setting requiring a pneumatic operation. It is one of the best all round cost effective semi-automatic capping solutions.

DK-50Z is suitable for cap screwing production of various plastic burglar-proof caps, which is widely used in plants of beverage, wine, chemistry industry and medicine. Application: This machine is mainly used for all kinds of metal, plastic cap screw cap, aluminum, the lock screw, sealing, capping work, the machine is suitable for the plastic cap screw cap.
Power supply (V/Hz)
220 /50
Power (kw)
Operation Type
Cap Diameter (mm)
Applicable bottle height (mm)
Capacity (bottles/h)
Type of cap
Plastic cap
External Dimensions (mm)
Net Weight (kg)
Plastic Locking Capping Machine - machine sectional photo
Plastic Locking Capping Machine - product applications
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