Alufoiled Kraft Paper Bags

Alufoiled Kraft Paper Ziplock Bags

Kraft Ziplock Bags with inner Alufoil. Food and daily necessities gifts can be used, save your effort, keep things organized and clean.

Perfect for Long Term Food Storage

The design keeps contents inside fresher for longer compared to a regular ziplock bag. Airtight to prevent exposure to air. Good for temporary storage or longer time storage without spoiling.

Perfect For:

: Coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookie, tea, nuts, powder, snack and more food more tools or cosmetic sampling long term storage.


Zippers make putting in and taking out products easy. Can be used again with a zipper. The bag is strong, tensile. 

Heat Seal

These bags can be sealed with an impulse sealer to prolong the shelf-life of your product.
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