Stretch Film/Pallet Wrap

Stretch film is used primarily for packing and protection of products, ranging from loads bundled on pallets, to individual items of large overall dimensions. Due to its low thickness and high durability that guarantees the stability of load, using stretch film is the most efficient way of wrapping products.

  • HEAVY DUTY: Premium 21 Micron Stretch Film – Industrial strength and durable. Every single roll has a superior load retaining force. Banding film with its thickness firmly secures products even under rugged transit conditions.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Stretch Film can be used for consumer and commercial
  • Faster than strapping and taping. Wrap all of your items to protect while moving!
  • SELF–ADHERING: Our Stretch Film clings to itself. It has glossy and slippery outer surfaces onto which dust and dirt can`t cling. Prevents sticking of pallets to each other. The Stretch Film is transparent, light, economic and endurable to all weather conditions.
  • ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE: Labor/performance efficient-applies faster and securer than twine, tape & strapping. It is more economical and easy to use compared to other alternatives like tapes, strapping etc.
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