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High Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

High Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Model: KZB-1

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines are both table top and standalone models. Depending on the model, features include HMI with alphanumeric display, stainless steel work table, heat seal and cut system, auto-feeding capability, casters with brakes and both reset and manual feed buttons. These are ideal for locations that don’t have a lot of space, such as retail stores, banks, post offices and bookstores.

Our KZB-I semi-automatic strapping machine is a general purpose strapping machine that can strap packages quickly and efficiently.Strapping cycle will automatically start when operator inserts strap.The machine will automatically shut down after a preset time to save electricity. We recommend this machine for strapping cartons in a light industry setting.

● Fast warm up time (approx. five minutes)

● Enclosed frame to keep dust and dirt out

● Control panel to adjust reset and manual feed buttons

● Tension range adjustment: 2-100lbs/in

● Unit must ship via LTL freight only.Call us for rates.

Voltage (V/Hz)
AC 220/50
Power (W)
Strapping Speed(sec/cycle)
Strapping Force(V/Hz) (N)
Height of Table (mm)
Width of strap used(mm)
plastic strap 6-15(Adjustable)
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
Net Weight (kg)
High Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine - machine sectional photo
High Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine - packed samples
High Table Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine - product applications
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